Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dreaming of Sewing!

 So this lusciousness is about the prettiest plaid fabric I've ever seen.  It's magical, perhaps due to its Rainbow hues.  I'm torn about which fab 70's pattern it should become.  

   I know, they're very similar. I like the center view of Simplicity 8649, with the long sleeves, scoop neck and pants, and the from Simplicity 9504 I like every view, especially the skirts. 

Next up, we have my obsession with brocade.  I feel like this conglomeration is a perfect example of how I seem to want to be a mix of  mid-60's bouffant Liz Taylor and 1975 Cher.  Seriously, look at the two different illustrations for View 1!  One is Cher, the other Liz!  I have enough of this fabulous brocade to make hot pants too.

 This gorgeous fabric is a wool blend, and it's crazy how fantastic it is.  I like the idea of View 3 for this.  It's a little mod, a little Sound of Music and just a little less modest than the Sencha blouse from Colette Patterns.  I really can't go with long sleeves on a wool top, or I will get too flushed.

All these amazing fabrics were found from Dreaming of Sewing on Etsy!  I was lucky enough to notice she was local to me, and got to meet her and view her amazing stash in person!  Corinn has great taste, and such a passion for thrifting that she has additional Etsy stores! dreaming of vintage , dreaming of jewelry, & dreaming of crafts.  Definitely go check out her wares!


  1. I just discovered your blog! That plaid is amazing. I like the view on the far left of Simplicity 9504.

  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing another etsy shop to watch.. those are awesome finds! The wool blend is my favorite!

  3. Love those fabrics, and the patterns too! Can't wait to see what you make :)

  4. I want that flamestitch...mmmmm...flamestitch