Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

I live a block away from this vintage shop, Via's Vintage and I love seeing their new window displays go up.  The other morning I was all agog over this little number.  I'm not sure what about it has captivated me so, but I had to go back and photo it yesterday to share.

On a certain level, it's too much with the palette of orange and strawberry sherbet..certainly the tulle sleeve/wrap has aged awfully, to the point one can only imagine how it hugged the shoulders when it was new and spandy.. Clearly this isn't made of fine fabric, it's definitely all nylon tulle just waiting to eventually fall to pieces..

When you get down to the details, which accentuate the "you look like a beautiful blonde pineapple" effect of the dress (bonus points to people who can identify the quote!).  Although the gathered ruffles of tulle are too much for the elegance I believe this dress is trying to achieve, the effect of the bands of satin trim on the tulle is lovely.  Upon closer inspection, they must have been handsewn with a zigzag stitch.

I guess the minutia of almost anything can sometimes take your breath away..  I'm still not sure whether I think this dress is fabulous or truly awful, but I kind of love it like sherbet balls melting into 7up punch...


  1. Ha! I don't remember who said it, but was it directed at Frenchy?

    The sherbet dress is pretty cool! I love the orangey-peach bodice. One of my college roommates had a 50s pink tulle confection of a party dress (complete with pink rhinestones scattered over the tulle overlay!) that she scored on ebay -- it was fairly deteriorated but still beautiful in an over-the-top kind of way.

  2. Truly a beautiful disaster! I can't wrap my head around that overly of horizontal bizarre.

  3. I love to revisit something that I can't move beyond..sherbet, yes sherbet is exactly what this dress is, yummy and weird at the same time. The floating side accents...a little addition to push this baby further. I think it's worthy of dreaming about!