Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Park Ramble Wrap

Here's the sample I made of Kwik Sew 3497, a cute faux-wrap shirt I'm teaching a class on this Saturday.  I made it in size L since Kwik Sew runs big, out of a great interlock knit from the City Weekend collection by Oliver and S.  The design is called Park Ramble, and not only is it a great combo of persimmon and aqua, it's got little touches of pink and yellow in the branch blossoms.  I didn't even plan for it to go with my orange pencil skirt, but I am pretty consistent in my color choices..

 I really like this pattern, but do think it could use the same elastic that secures the neckline on the arm facings.  It's super easy (except for the gathering, when I turn into a perfectionist freak) and satisfying to sew up.  If you used a serger, it would be super fast!  I didn't serge it since in class we'll use the zig-zag stitch. 

I feel like this is a tried and true silhouette for me, although not the most modest.  I might make a little coordinating cleavage tarp to wear with it so I can wear it on the bus.

 There's all kinds of additions that would be easy to make with this pattern too- adding sleeves would be easy, but this way it's a perfect layer under a jacket or cardigan.

In closing, I leave you with a picture of me contemplating why I thought the stairs would be a good substitute for a tripod.  Adieu! Take some adventures with knits!


  1. I really love the aqua/orange combination -- it's one of my favorites! The blouse looks great!

  2. I adore this top! You are s talented. I wish you and trixi would open your own design studio. Xx