Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'll Take Manhattan

Welcome to my sundress quest.   This is Kwik-Sew 3520, which I thought would make a lovely base for so many of the coordinating fabrics that are carried at Sewtropolis.  Ever since I made the sample for the Study Hall Skirt, I've been wanting to sew with Kate Spain's Central Park line again. Especially since one of the styles is park and zoo animals.  So here are some of the pattern combos I've concocted.  View B has 4 different fabrics in it for a total of 5 yards..

Central Park A

This first one Central Park A, features the leaf zoo fabric and really begs me to highlight the purple. I like that I didn't go crazy with the orange.  But it also saddens me.
Central Park B

Central Park B is a refined version of my 6 yr old self.. it's me at 8, listening to The Monkees and allowing green into the room with orange and the zoo animals..

Central Park Quintet
I really like this 5 selection extravaganza.  There is no plum in the zoo with the white background, so no purple is playing here.  I'm thinking the animals could be the bodice alpha in this scenario, with the other selections beta-ing things up. Both the tree motif, and the leafy wonderfulness are stripey which will be sweet with this pattern of barely flaring gores.

Central Park C
 This selection has 2 stone backgrounds  and totally works the plum.  It does not highlight the orange, but whatever colors are left out of the accompanying fabrics seems to magnify them in the zoo panel. Oranges so orange, yellow like a  beacon. I like you Central Park C, you make me feel young again.

I appreciate your feedback here, because making the sample swatches in Paint was ridiculously fun, and I would get almost done with one I thought was good and would have a mad flash on how to improve it, and I could have mixed patterns and built blocks all day.  Like a video game about coloring.


  1. I am inexplicably drawn to Central Park B, even though I am in full-fledge Purple Mode. (I'm also having trouble differentiating whether Me means You or Me, but have decided that it really doesn't make any difference in my choice.) :)

  2. Yeah, I'm leaning toward the quintet or B myself, although I feel like A & C are more genius combinations...