Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Above is the inspiration, and below is the wool I'm considering making the ruffle tiered skirt from.  Because it's iridescent I couldn't get a good picture of the color even without flash in bright natural light sadly.  I believe this is Donna Karan suiting that I got 10 years ago at SR Harris in Brooklyn Park, Mn.  I guess it's true sharkskin, but it's so lovely that I hate to bring a shiny aberration to mind.  Actually I really like sharkskin, but in my mind sharkskin totally has tacky implications, and this wool is not at all tacky.  (Although it is that cranberry color that the judges on Project Runway kept cringing over every time Gretchen used it this season...)

Here's the knit fabric I'll use for the long-sleeved tee with the bust bow.  It's rust with a horizontal stripe of gold that's outlined in charcoal.  It's completely the sophisticated fall palette stripe I was hoping to find, and I found it in my very own stash!  In the picture here, you can see the dark shade of the sharkskin a little better.  It's kind of a green or gray depending on what's next to it.  I may decide to just go with a gray wool crepe I have in my stash, and use this for my Cupcake Goddess's Boyfriend Jacket project instead..

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  1. That's going to be hot. Can't wait to see the end results!