Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In browsing through the seller's of my dreamy fruit basket applique shift pattern (which I want mostly for the envelope art I admit) I found a pattern for what might be the most perfect 50's dress ever. Just take a look. I think the gathered fullness for the bust, as well as the fuller skirt in back will be a dream for my figure. I stalked the pattern since there'd already been an outbidding coup earlier, so I decided not to bid at all until 5 minutes before the auction ended. It worked, I won both auctions and paid less than $20 including shipping. I'm totally high on my coup d'etat.

As much as I adore McCall's pattern drawings, I will admit, the recent patterns I've truly lusted for have been vintage Simplicity. I'm a little disappointed that the photo of the pattern back doesn't include the portion indicating how much fabric is needed, so I'll have to wait to receive the pattern before I can plot much further. Unfortunately, my standby amount of fabric I tend to purchase if I don't really know what I will use it for is 3 or 4 yards. Most vintage patterns with full skirts require at least 4 yards, so I'll have to start thinking in a full skirt mentality for my stash. I like the idea of sewing this in a wool suiting, since it's usually hot in the office combining wool with short sleeves is a good idea to try out.

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