Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bust Bows

I might as well start with the image that started the obsession with tailored bows on a bodice. It's the secretary in green. Just look at the size of that tailored, crisp, ready for work bow. That's a no nonsense bow that isn't afraid to be what it is. That's a bow that could reside on the large shelf of bust that is my own.

These Lena Hoshek tees have stirred a deep need in me. I must have a striped long-sleeved tee accented with a bust bow. I was delighted to find a really fall hued variegated stripe with a nice persimmony-rust as the main color..

I'm also TBT (taken,but torn)about the 3 ruffle-tiered skirt as well. Torn because I owned a knit miniskirt version of that skirt in the eighties, and Taken because at this length it's retro and ever so fetching..

All of these pattern images illustrate the kind of secretary tailored bow I crave. I own this pattern with the deep, almost sailor neckline, because it screamed Joan Harris to me, especially if it's made in wool suiting with a floral pattern blouse fabric for the modesty panel.

I really love both of these looks too, especially the bow beneath the split neckline. Both those girls have flipped brunette hairdos so I'm kind of helpless not to love them..


  1. I love your obsession with bust bows. ;)

  2. Mmmmm....how did I not know about this? I LOVE this! Very nice! Now I have much more drooling to do...

  3. i love the bows as well! i've been contemplating putting one on a old '30s dress.

  4. i love the bow look just as much as you do. the hunt though for me is to find a retail version thats not too expensive, plus its becoming more fall/winter my way and cant help to thing they might not fit into the season? thought?

  5. Myvintagedream- I'm not sure what the winter season brings in San Francisco, but I'm definitely courting the idea of a tailored wool bow on something. I might have to make a bow belt.