Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blossom Blockade Bias Skirt

This is my expression after dealing with out of focus pictures shot by a 12 yr old...

Behold View A of Kwik Sew 3003, the extra-simple two piece version of the bias skirt.  I thought this juicy red and pink fabric could take me into Sept nicely.  I used the serger to make a rolled hem, making finishing even faster!  This one was 40 minutes from layout to finish.

 The two piece version is a lot swingier than the four pieces with the chevroning.  This is bias cling and swing at its full potential.  Joel Dewberry Heirloom Blossom Blockade in Crimson available online here..

I took a picture of my mid-western flat backside.  It only curves at the bottom!  I cropped the picture so you couldn't see how it looks like my bottom is hiding up front in my belly from this angle...

 The Mina (age 12) was very impatient with this photo shoot, and kept coming too close for the skirt to be in the pictures.  And all the pictures are pretty much out of focus.  Here's my favorite pose, so sad it's fuzzy.

At the end of the shoot, she backed up really far and I got angry.  The final shot, of course, was not out of focus.

Although when I was playing with effects to add definition, I turned myself into a Linda Ronstadt album cover!


  1. I cannot tell you how much I love, love, LOVE this outfit. Especially on you!! Color, fabric, fit...Awesome! I'll send the Bits and Mr. Boo over to be your photographers. They're actually pretty darned good.

    (Did I mention I Love this outfit? On You?) :)

  2. I love the outfit, love the fit on you, and love the album cover! Think of how much money you could make sewing your own stuff AND making an album! I'd buy it ;)