Thursday, September 29, 2011

the calliope crashed to the ground..

photo inspiration giving me opportunity to quote Springsteen in my Fall Palette

It's been fun refining my Fall Palette, but it's has been less inspiring to write about apparently.  Also I am mad at Colourlovers for only allowing 5 colors in a palette..Here's my final Fall Palette I guess.

Here's some of the boards I've put together at Polyvore to try to focus myself.

Fluffy Skirts/Fake Separates

I've been obsessing about a tiered fluffy skirt for several months now, one of the few looks of the late 80's that I still adore and find myself drawn to.  Betsey Johnson still likes it too, so go figure.  I'm drafting my own right now, and am preparing to go to town with my ruffle attachment.  It's using a Joel Dewberry voile for the ruffles...

Separate but Equal
More florals, more versions of Kwik Sew 3758.  It's a pretty irresistible pattern to me right now.  I made up a late summer version than I have yet to reveal outside of the Self-Stitched September '11 flickr pool...

I also really need tops, am planning a pair of gauchos in my palette, (I'm teaching a gaucho class in Oct.) and I'm anxiously expecting the arrival of the Clover pattern too.

The biggest problem for me with wardrobe building is that I am a magpie for pattern and ignore sewing with solids.  I need to get over this to make useful separates.

I was working on this post on September 11, and I never finished it.  Massive eye-roll for me.

I have two versions of Kwik-Sew 3758 completed, and am still of the mind that I would like to wear nothing else but this dress all year and see if anyone notices.  See my Part 2 post!  Like a follow up album...


  1. That's an awesome inspiration photo -- I love all the bright colors! I can't wait to see your ruffly skirt! (and I do so love Betsey Johnson, too.)

    I was also mad that colourlovers only allowed me 5 shades... you'd think they'd have at least 7!

  2. Great inspiration photo. Looks like you are headed for a very fun fall and winter.