Friday, September 2, 2011

Soul Blossoms Claire Cami Dress

This is my favorite dress of the summer.  It's the Claire Cami Dress by Serendipity Studios, and it's so comfortable and flattering that I would mow the lawn in it.  Oh wait, yesterday I did mow the lawn in it..


Yesterday morning I wore this go to frock to my eldest daughter's 9th grade orientation, and then we walked 8 blocks from Hennepin & Lake and I just went a head a mowed the lawn.  It was the beginning of Self-Stitched September after all, and I didn't want to go upstairs first anyway. I did change from clogs into Crocs first.  And after I mowed the lawn I showered and wore my bias skirt to class, so I figured I could re-wear what nobody saw me in yesterday morning.

Patty has made like 500 Claire Cami Dresses, and they're all cute.  Mine is made from 2 coordinates from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom's line, Peacock Feathers in Blush and Twilight Peony in Saffron.   I was semi-obsessed with these fabrics before I made the dress.  Making the dress half-cured me, but I'm still considering making more things out of them, especially the Twilight Peony.  The hand of Amy Butler cotton fabrics feel kind of rough on the bolt, but they wash up really soft, like a vintage poly-blend sheet from the 1970's.
involuntary duck face
I quite like this highly processed shot.

I'm happy because the sun is shining, but it isn't humid!
So that was also a successful Self-Stitched September, Day Two! Go Me!


  1. That is totally awesome. I want one.

  2. I've never seen that pattern before, but now I totally WANT.

    Good to hear about the Amy Butler fabric, too... I have two as-yet-unused fat quarters that came with a "small sewing projects" kit, and they're a lot rougher than I expected. Guess I should have washed them right away!