Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Successful Half-way Mark (Self-Stitched September)

Here's a collage I made featuring most of the outfits I've worn for Self-Stitched September.  This has really been fun, and not as much of a challenge as I feared.  Even the repeat outfits were worn again for the love of the garment more than my running out of options.  Also it's been cool to re-use things as weather turned abruptly cooler in Minnesota.

Here's a collage of some of my repeated outfits.  I try not to completely replicate the outfit when I've replicated the garment.  The Yabba Dabba Do skirt has actually been worn 3 times because of it's casual comfortable factor.  I haven't really tried to dress that one up, and will strive to do so before the end of the month.  The third showing of that skirt was an absolute replica of the first outfit I created with it, brown hoody and moto boots.  I've also worn the Claire Cami dress twice, and because of the warm weather it was essentially the dress; once with boots, once with manly wing tips.

I actually have garments completely unworn thus far, some because they are samples in the shop- some just overlooked.  My gold cafe dots tee hasn't made an appearance, nor has the Park Ramble Wrap.  I am clearly skirt-centric.


  1. They are all adorable and I would expect nothing less. How is the air quality by you? Are the fires out yet?

  2. It;s cool that the same skirt or dress can look totally different depending on how you style it! (My favorite outfit is probably the bottom right corner... you look so sassy in your Froggy dress, knotted cardigan & colorful converse!)