Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Fall Palette Reveals- Calliope Still Crashin'

I have two versions of Kwik-Sew 3758 completed, and am still of the mind that I would like to wear nothing else but this dress all year and see if anyone notices. 

I made a plaid circle skirt with a contrast lining for the Circle Skirt Sew-Along..

Here's the moment when I decided to fully line the skirt instead of just sewing a hem facing...

fully lined in this cotton print

Two more versions of Kwik Sew 3758, these in my Fall Palette which blogger is not letting me upload somehow.  Or will let me upload, but not put in this post...
A rather horrible picture of a very cute outfit...
This version is in Anna Maria Horner's Summer Totem in Grapefruit, which might be my favorite print of ALL TIME EVER.  

I love that the sky matches my outfit here...

With a berry corduroy jacket

 I wore it 3 times the week that I made it.  And then once again this week already.  I love it so very much....

Again with the denim jacket...

This week has been a series of pictures in bad light and of unfortunate posture

This version is using Joel Dewberry Rose Bouquet in Gold, which I adore because it employs great use of red with hot pink.  I had just enough red interlock for a short sleeved top.  I might actually love this dress the most of all my versions.  I feel like I get the fit better each time, and I know I will reach for this dress repeatedly for easy comfortable style.

I just finished my Ginger skirt yesterday, and hope to take some pictures, and two additional skirts in quick succession.  One is being named my "everyone makes mistakes" skirt, so I'm sure you'll tune back to hear that story...

Thus ends the longest, most delayed - least anticipated post in the world.


  1. Man, I think I need to get myself that KwikSew pattern, because it looks great and a little bit different every time! You could totally wear a new version every day! I've never wanted to hem a circle (even a half-circle) but I really love the way they look, especially in plaid! (And your shoe/sock/skirt combo in that first photo is too cute!)

  2. Your are so right to be in love with the Horner fabric...its awesome! Great to see 1 pattern in 3 versions. I am s o impressed with how much you have already accomplished...I am still working on my 2nd item...sigh

  3. These are great!! I love the fabrics you have chosen!!

    ps. you're on the KS facebook page today!