Friday, September 30, 2011

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Made from  Suzanie Cotton Linen in Licorice from Tina Given's Pernilla's Journey line available here
I made a half-circle skirt with a black knit elastic waistband- so easy and so flattering.  I lazily did a serged rolled hem too, making it a super fast project - less than one hour, if you don't count the time it took to hang it before hemming.  But maybe I should have made it more thoughtfully.  Perhaps you can find my mistake...

hint: the directional print is upside down on the back skirt.  GENIUS.
 So at first I was all "I teach sewing!  I can't wear this skirt.  I was just telling students the other night how important it is to think about the print, and accommodate for directional patterns.."  I was extra mad because the 3/4 circle skirt I cut out right after this one I did realize I would need to make it in 3 gores to make the pattern face the right direction all the way around... Sigh.

But then I thought about paying another $17 for the yard it would take to fix my mistake, and realized I didn't care that much if the seahorses in back were upside down.  And guess how many people noticed today?  None that I know of.  I could just say it's a protest of the state of cleanliness in our oceans...  Not that I'm a sloppy, lazy sewer....

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  1. I would never have noticed so no mistake! I love the fabric and the seahorses makes into a great skirt. I do like the simple hem, less than an hour, I'm in!